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Car shipping

Shanghai Public XING moved limited is independent professional car transport company; in China economic rapid development car needs changing of good environment Xia, and Shanghai Public XING moved limited according to market needs came into being, company using public XING moved group years established up of cover national of transport service network, training has a has high quality of professional driver and excellent of management personnel team; company implemented "rigorous, and efficient, and monitoring, and perfect" of computer network management operation mode. Shanghai gongxing moving co national network, more than more than 30 cities across the country have a logistics node, dispatching goods vehicles transporting hundreds of vehicles. Can be completed in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta to the nationwide cars among all cities (including cars, SUVs, vans, car battery) of transport consignments. Shanghai gongxing moving co the spirit of "respecting domestic love, reputation first" purpose to take BYD in Shenzhen, Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Toyota, huadu Nissan cars and all kinds of imported goods transport for transport projects. Shanghai gongxing moving company to rely on a large number of shipping requirements, and an extensive collaborative network, customers can complete the stowage of goods vehicles, car transport.
  From the beginning of 2006, Shanghai gongxing moving company limited has been committed to providing individuals, companies, car dealers, car manufacturers to provide quality goods vehicle transportation services. In addition, other international and domestic large and medium transportation units and have a long-term and good cooperative relations. Now, we look forward to establish a partnership with you. With us in the Chinese region of logistics nodes and many own car-transporter, we constructed an efficient standard system of goods transport services. Most of our car transporters are equipped with satellite positioning systems and have purchased a full transit insurance. Can protect your property in a State of sudden accidents of a delegate does not suffer. Under normal circumstances, we will be in most of the major cities to provide convenient locations for you to load and deliver vehicles commissioned by you. Maybe you can't see our whole transportation process, but you can feel in every aspect for you and your car to provide the perfect service!
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  Company cars for cars car transportation cage vehicle, length of 23 m divided into two layers, models are closed, semi-closed, can load various types of car six to ten, loading and unloading vehicles by a driver with more than five years experience, secure using four-wheeled vehicle location technology, to ensure that transport cars is absolutely safe.

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