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Master secrets of moving charges secrets

Some less legitimate moving companies prices are very vague, and no formal charges, often discussing the general price, did not provide evidence. Here are regular movers charge standard:
One, the distance between vehicles. This distance refers to the moving distance between a new Web site. Reference distance is 20 km, if it does not exceed any additional cost. More than 20 km, plus 5 Yuan per km on average. Ant removal company is cost free of charge.
2, tunnel length. This distance refers to the original place of residence or location and distance between the parking lots. Remote control Porter is very difficult, so we have to charge an extra fee. Reference distance is 20 meters, 20 meters without charge. More than 20 meters per 20.1-meter Yuan handling charges. In General, if the vehicle is parked in front of the building, the transport distance of no more than 20 meters, will be charged. Ants moving company this is currently more than 30 meters, each 10.1-meter.
Third, the processing fee: customer in the process of running, install or uninstall will increase driving distance and movement time, so will be charged extra, ants moving company charges are loaded or unloaded, in an extra 20 Yuan, no fee 30-100.
Want to spend less money, no money, choose normal moving company is the best way to be clear, free from unnecessary losses, prompting you to select a normal moving companies phone price confirmation.