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Prior to the move to pay attention to the relevant health

We just want to enjoy a high quality of life, relationship problems health problems when they move, the following is from the angle of indoor air moving companies, moving companies phone and talk to solve the problem of toxic gases:
One, because of construction ventilation in winter than any other season, would stay more or less harmful gases, newly renovated House, consumers can't extend my stay. Recommended to keep green plants, flowers, and harmful gases absorb some of the water.
2, after renovation work was completed, owners all rooms can be cold water, increasing indoor humidity to prevent the wall, the top surface, furniture cracks in drying too fast.
Upon completion, should be three, air testing, the heating season, dry air and high temperatures, poor ventilation, core Board, of formaldehyde in decoration materials such as wood flooring, large quantity of volatile benzene and other harmful substances, harmful substances exceeding the concentration of indoor air quality should be invited. An air test Department. If you don't make the grade, asked experts to identify sources of harmful substances, and requested the workers to prevent potential problems.
IV, acceptance of key construction stitches, sticker, patch compliance, is already cracking, and decoration company for customer service warranty agreement. Wall tile stickers, Metal Hammer, tap tiled corners and the Middle should not have a hollow, wall and floor tiling fillers strictly, the surface should be smooth. No obvious gaps and uneven floor, flooring and skirting the connection is closed. In each room you can slowly, because winter laying wooden floors should be appropriate joints, so reasonable gap is acceptable.
Five Windows, while conducive to dispersing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, paint drying, but the low outside temperatures in winter, causing paint deterioration, changes of adhesion, and even powder. Furnished or dry wall latex paint surface easier to freeze, Spring sunlight discoloration of ventilation is necessary. Latex paints, but at 5 c can deteriorate, so the Windows are the best moving company prices in the warm afternoon, each ventilation time was too long to prevent frozen ledge near the wall color.
Six, during the winter to the Spring Festival, a lot of decoration companies to avoid "next year" projects in years ago. Then, the owners must be fully taken into account, but at the end of the season, owners must spend a period of careful accounts after health is the greatest wealth, cannot be a substitute to our health, running process should be constantly aware of the health problems when moving, not according to the time, there was a detailed plan, you can refer to the public moving companies.