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Studio of the move is not easy

The move, the original research was the date of the month, but we will have to wait. Articles by Studio curriculum sketch, began a week, again and again, time is tight. So, pay rent, today's Shanghai moving company Studio.
Moving is a Knight tonight, and could move, as we bring the goods time and not moving, then we have to reach out to people, and to keys, and finally get the key, we move goods down, Chen went to the car, and the level of 7-8, and goods after moving the above inventions. Is actually wrong, mixed with someone else's, are busy cleaning up, consequences or don't look at who sent them, and a lot of people, very not easy to clean up, come into the truck, tired. Many goods, then back on the bus, ran E1 calm, my brother was calm, he sat down next to me without a Word, is a happy Chen said: "If there is beer, plus a cigarette. The air in the vehicle. Almost enjoyable "Xun Zi said:" we can change. "Oh. We walk to your destination, and into the elevator. This time we have experienced, firm and other items from a distance, the Sea comes, Chen min is not. Very simple, just a few days before allowing unfair, Ellen ~ ~ snorted, and then ignore you. Then, we move things, well, dead. And we live a life of ease and leisure go back eating watermelon, hired two cars, coupled with Khun Dad's car, three cars.
Morning procedures understand moving company prices, check the luggage deposit, rent a car, drove 60 kilometers, carrying luggage upstairs, rooms for graduate school entrance examination and enrollment, placement Studio ... ... To imagine complex, busy.