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Porter theft leads to social virus

Gong Xing moved Porter have different birth, boss, some farmers are a gambler. Regardless of when you become a professional, if it is a solid, serious and responsible. Boss will once again become the boss, farmers can also occupy the city one day, can also be a gambler on the right track. This principle applies to moving companies above all sectors of the industry, is a universal formula. But if you don't go the right way, in the heart, then sooner or later, in the autumn of his boring life.
Gambling last year, Wu came to a moving company in Shenyang when the movers, but good. He quickly lost his job, saved all the savings. So his argument is easily blocked, conquered, and help customers, customer cash at home.
A few days ago, Public Security Bureau police station received a call home to cash stolen, lost cash in the moving process. According to owner, said: days in Shenyang, a moving company to move his placement of downstairs command workers, his wife upstairs. After this reconciliation, cash lost when he found his bag upstairs, and his wife said no. Therefore considers that there may be a hero to move to steal his money.
After field investigations of police, free access to the room couple three porters, the Portables placed very chaotic, money might be stolen, the three most of the porters. Then, questioned three porters, cash is actually three porters in Wu took Yang to the method.
Because gambling money, Wu finally took the road of crime. At present, Wu has been detained by police. In good conscience, now mixed clusters in the community, there are many people, trickster is everywhere.
Some smaller companies have similar features, some small agencies belong to one of these people, in addition to the description of the ignorant and heartless, also said that people were born, keep him ignorant parents soul. Some people may be born, is a waste, it is a virus. This friend we should treat the problem.