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Moving industry this year the crisis management

In recent years, the world economic environment is unstable, also state the frequency of China economic circle. After the world economic crisis, the economy has stabilized, while China's recent rise. It is understood that the recent rise in commodity prices is very high. Zhengzhou high consumption levels of price increases is crushed Gong Xing moved, it is understood that this year due to the moving industry downturn, has been moving company launched the move of the market. For a lot of reasons, the workers ' wages and profits one of the major reasons.
Moving companies in trouble, is a miniature moving industry. According to Mr LEE moving companies, their company's business model: each driver plus three or four porters, according to the distribution of the turnover. Driver's relative income, percentage distribution according to Porter usually handling charges. Take into account that sometimes a fee is not high, how much they give Porter set a base salary. In other words, if a salary more than Vault can be calculated according to the actual percentage of; if not, then protect the base. But after the Spring Festival this year, Porter was relatively low security basis. In order to retain Porter, is essential.
Moving companies in this business model, a large number of units used. This year, the salary to the Porter, it is very common for moving industries. Moving companies, moving companies every driver, Porter raised the minimum wage in the near future. Otherwise, the stable team was difficult. In Zhengzhou, no local porters in Zhengzhou, a foreigner. Mainly too much physical exertion, locals do not eat the bitter.
Workers ' wages have increased, but without increasing the volume of business moving company. Gas prices are now rising steadily, the company operating costs. If the standard of service and cost reduction. Moving companies calculate their own company's account: annual fee is relatively fixed, contract with the paper and other office expenses is essential. Every car carrying vehicles every day, the company management's remuneration situations, in order to maintain a basic standard of loss. If you want to make money, must be more than three cars. At present, the amount of action they are difficult to achieve.
As early as 10 years ago, moving expenses, or 150 yuan per car, as it is now, and the car only cost 1 Yuan per liter. Now that oil prices have risen too much, from the apparent speed of not more than the price.
According to the moving industry association this year, at least three moving companies out of the market. In addition, there are also difficult to support, the boss wanted to change jobs, many bosses said: wants to make the company bigger, but gave up because of administrative costs are too high. According to the analysis, the maintenance of a bottleneck posed in front of a moving company. Find a breakthrough is the need to address the key to finding new ones, many moving companies moving companies and cooperation achieved star power.