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Move why is there pollution

Who knows this is a very simple question, because while it is harmful, but movement of materials materials. For example, formaldehyde, which is the essential glue without formaldehyde, sticky paste does not. Benzene and volatile organic compounds are the same. Only radioactive marble is different, it is natural that, as long as it is the radioactive radiation of natural marble, just different. Operation, the pollution is not a definitive answer, depending on how you use move, moved in the process of moving the design is more complex, relationship.
For the same cost of an indoor sport, after the completion of effective operation of the quality of the indoor environment. Even if it is unique, beautiful and comfortable, affordable to run your project, if you cancel after the indoor environmental pollution, consumers are not normal, more investment is needed for indoor environmental pollution control, schedule delays caused heavy losses and dispute, require demolition, resulting in heavy losses. More serious is that if consumers have been living in contaminated indoor, but may also affect the health and safety of you and your family, mental, and physical chemists and other losses. Home blessing Guangzhou Futian most affordable moving company safety and environmental protection.
Masters: I didn't smell the pungent smell, how to exceed the standard? Formaldehyde exceeds 3 times, is generally not smell the acrid smell pungent smell, when you have more than the standard 4 to 8 times more than enough to keep you and your family get hurt. Although no gas smell worse, because you may unknowingly poisoning, when discovered in late ... ... Especially in the summer, high temperatures, harmful substances such as formaldehyde content is very high, but also Windows and doors off the air conditioning, indoor air and external convection, the accumulation of the harmful substances, damage will be even greater. Harmful gases such as formaldehyde and everyone had a different feeling. There was a certain Lady, because of pregnancy in humans, particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, although test results only 0.10/m2 the master bedroom (standard), but she still feels uncomfortable in the bedroom, dry throat, throat itching, uncomfortable. So management before, she'd rather sleep in well ventilated halls, rather than Systemic Lupus Erythematosus la bedroom. We do not rule out their psychological effect, Guangzhou ants moving company, it is enough to prove everyone's response to formaldehyde and other harmful substances.