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Residents moving house Feng Shui research

China is a traditional country, traditional Chinese Feng Shui Feng Shui is a family-friendly culture, also has a very important role in the move, not only in appearance, but also reasonable, but too much focus on Feng Shui, following are some home moving company says taboo 1, taboo: If you terrace is on the door or the kitchen, curtains, a long time. Enter to the balcony door was not positioned, forming a so-called "push" will be known, we have the cash.
2, disable on the balcony or kitchen, this is a "push", would make family reunification decreased, the husband, the wife will have a red plum tree. Easy things, kids don't like coming home.
3, if the sofa is placed in the beam, allowing the ceiling moving block red evil; sofa and bed can not be placed at the end of beam, sofa and bed of the long body, and more.
4, taboo hit avoid water, should not be placed in a fish bowl is not known as the outside world, will only be known in the fish tank. Five lines of xiji clear of occupants, especially taboo and should be avoided.