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Before the tenants move burning paper money, the landlord is bad luck

Before the move, men put a pile of paper stacked on the houses of landlords. Landlords are bad luck, so beat. At noon yesterday, in Western society. 32 years old, from Zhejiang to HA way man King, nearly a year in a rented house. Mr Wang, due to change in the work, to rent out. Yesterday at about 10 o'clock in the morning, Wang Zheng home space, a pile of waste the landlord cannot be processed, burned. Happened to Zheng, Zheng thought, tomb-sweeping day, Wang at home "burning money" very unlucky, immediately went to the Wang plays. Wang because he wanted to have the opportunity to "revenge", afraid to go back home for his luggage, police. Zengcuoan border police station and found that Wang Chung, asked why, Wang agreed to pick up my luggage.

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