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How do we move to prevent

Always ready, ready and all is not chaos, control, Hangzhou company, looking for help, made a series of preparations before the move, ready to be done: the first time. A touching personal needs and hours the next day. If the distance is too far, traffic jams, or carrying something more, you can. Early primary about moving company vehicles, punctuality, time began to move. If more articles, a cart to complete, while booking the car, a project to save time. In addition to meeting the rain, snow, choose a good car canopy, such a project would be wet. The main early it is a good thing. Trunks and cabinets project I'm afraid to move people; shoe systems in cartons, or loss of cash, jewelry and other valuable small items transport, dinner set, tea set and other fragile items packaging, treated separately, so as not to offend. Full preparation before, your actions will be very smooth. When moving to learn some tips for moving to prevent moving companies when moving some unexpected status, thus adding trouble to my move, but also for moving companies and moving speed of progress to play. I don't think the trouble, ready to know to prevent more trouble. Thank you for your attention