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The rise in prices, the moving company charges where

When the work in day-to-day operations, people obviously feel, price, after the Spring Festival, breakfast prices 41, depression, not only that, but rental prices make life! Worked 3 years in Zhengzhou little sister into 2012 the largest rent is not too fast. "Landlords annual renewal expansion this year and prices of things, my friend also has this feeling, unable to feed themselves, sad! Some people worry that the relocation plan, prices, prices in Zhengzhou? Thoughtful, with this issue, stakeholders access to the moving company understand questions people want to know! Access is the public company for the first time, he said moving the main source of costs is the automobile, oil costs, staff costs. Rise in price in order to move the company to survive the difficult, but moving company prices are strictly regulated, no unauthorized price rise, make the public trust! Often moving companies like these, but in the development of industry of Zhengzhou, is necessarily order promiscuous moving companies, moving companies, and a lot of people moving! When Miss LI, bring a good moving company came to the scene, and couch is too big, too much of "bring in" and drive away. In desperation, had to call a major moving company, it is understood that moving personnel but not moving company, moving business contact, do not need to move the hardware, but it can be a spectacular enough. Many public controversies in the moving industry, Mr CAO reflects, he asked "moving companies moving to a new home," agreed fees. The road, several workers to tip, don't give up on life. People check the matter, others spicy, the reporter calls "interference", refused.