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Daughter in Beijing, we will be moving again

Most Chinese parents are all ages children to consider, and I'm no exception. My wife is pregnant, and this is a good thing, but we are just decoration. We call the moving company in Beijing, our packaging, wife, go straight to the bathroom to vomit, first thought be allergic to furniture, tired. But the rest is more and more serious, the hospital did not know his wife was pregnant!
It really was pretty clever! We are happy, but the new taste of home is not good for the fetus. We believe that if students have a healthy baby. But at the same time, the original suite of the landlord. There's no other way, against their will, we find the landlord, and suites does not rent out, and rentals. Lou Zhu is a generous person, see our reason, nothing is said, and gave me the key.
Call to call the moving company in Beijing, this is our old furniture from the basement back in our home. In this way, I in this old house with his wife for three months, three months, three months, we did not taste of home, it should be clear!
We feel, which was three months and the fate of Beijing moving company! Three months moved three times! I hope we can have a healthy baby, we can have a happy family of three!