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Normal moving companies take responsibility to do right

The invention of the Professional Committee, examined, 22, infringement of official Shanghai moving company can be a fake company, market share was "Li GUI" profession, annually from the city traffic hotline, traffic enforcement unit Road Transport Association moving 1 over 1000 complaints and other sources of consumer protection. Complaints Commission last year has made the public move services, 86.2% Li GUI and moving scene. Lady sketch, search online display of the "public" Web site has more than 400, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.
This reporter has learned, and Gong Xing moving companies online at the end of "Li GUI" a declaration of war, in more than 60 fake "public" website domain name, available to the communications authority. Organizations and technical personnel of the Communications Authority audit, according to the provisions on strengthening the administration of Internet information, closed or blocked 23 pretending to move fields to the registration site. However, Ofcom said due to administrative rights restrictions, sealed filter sites is limited in Shanghai local, local and overseas registered access to the fake site will notify the screening requirements of provincial and municipal departments.
Moving skills of the Professional Committee, so that people can log on to the consumer protection board, the City Department of transportation website or select qualified more than 40 formal port moving company in Beijing.