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Gong Xing moved to teach you how to move

In April, sunny, spring breeze is pleasantly warm, peach blossom in full bloom, without exceptions, and this is the best opportunity, Shijingshan moving company. Responsible for moving moving company reminded Shijingshan area should pay attention to the following points:
Select a brand, reputable, the strength of the moving company, is not only a phone call or a scheduled communications, blind.
2, consumers should avoid the telephone booking, best close to the moving company should be consulted. One can truly understand the company, exercise time is that both sides should sign, place, price, and easy relocation services contract.
Third, self defense. Some important items, such as files, such as cash deposits for storage.
Four, the preservation of evidence and complaints in a timely manner. Once pushing fault broken furniture, employers are obliged to find neighbors or other witnesses, photos, best Porter certificate of hand injury. If your partner is excluded, through agreements and related evidence in time to the relevant departments or further complaints through legal channels.
Gong Xing moving company moving services arrived on time, don't be late, warm and courteous, attentive service, you do not need skill, such as tips, prompted fines 4 times, not to mention unreasonable demands refused to move, otherwise the consumer compensation cost move or free move. Shanghai moving company, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.