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Attention of the truck moving company cannot close the elevator

Discussion on the move, looking very trouble, as long as you arrange, find a normal moving company, and then becomes very simple.
Shanghai moving company charges is mainly look at the project, remove, move to where, flanked by the elevator, need a few people to move, and on both sides of the elevator can move prices. So, if you want to move, move to the company you want your goods, not withholding the Shanghai moving company customer service, because if the gap is too big of returns and the actual project, Shanghai moving company pay.
Has furniture appliances of problem, on Shanghai moved company, and who, so, moved company customer of demolition and assembled cost of cost within moved, another is need packaging material, if need, Shanghai moved company is to charges of, last a important of is, we most easy ignored of is, is Shanghai moved company of truck can closed Shang stairs or elevator mouth, if distance over 20 meters, Shanghai moved company of charges is each car table, collection 2 Yuan.
So before, to understand the car at the elevator, so as to avoid unpleasant!

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