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Price standard

Shanghai gongxing moving company price list

Tonnage (car)

Specifications ( cm

Base price (Yuan)


1 Ton


180 Yuan

Each layer 10 Elevator charge 20 Yuan

2 Ton


220 Yuan

Each layer 15 Elevator charge 30 Yuan

3 Ton


280 Yuan

Each layer 20 Yuan

Elevator charge 40 Yuan

4 Ton


360 Yuan

5 Ton


460 Yuan

Each layer 25 Elevator charge 5 0 Yuan



Model 120 (Inclusive) when starting 100 Yuan.

Model 120 Starting at above 150 Yuan.

Model 130 (Inclusive) above start at 200 Yuan.

Starting at Grand Piano 800 Yuan.


Safes, copiers, 42 Inch above (LCD) TV, large mirror, fitness equipment, drum washing machines, double-door refrigerator, three-door refrigerator, refrigerator, massage chairs, glass fish tanks, mahogany furniture and per piece charges apply 30-200 Yuan.

Packaging material fees

Information boxes

Long 50cm Wide 40cm High 40cm, Each 10 Yuan.

Clothes boxes

Long 60cm Wide 40cm High 50cm, Each 15 Yuan.

Large cardboard boxes

Long 70cm Wide5 0cm High 50cm, Each 20 Yuan.

Shock-proof bubble wrap

Roll length 60 m Wide 1 m Each volume200 Yuan.

Box-sealing tape

Roll width 6cm Thickness 1cm , Each volume 10 Yuan.

Note: special delivery boxes100-150 Yuan, reservation 100 Free home delivery of boxes above and in the urban areas.

Furniture Assembly and disassembly

Two-door wardrobe, bookcase

80 Yuan / (Not including two doors sliding door wardrobes)

Three-door wardrobe, bookcase

90 Yuan / Generic classifier

Four-door wardrobe, bookcase

120 Yuan / , Multi-door cabinets 30 Yuan / Door charge, five-door armoire 150 Six doors wardrobe 180 Element, and so on.

Shop crib, bed, high and low

50-100 Yuan / Generic classifier

Desk screen partition

20-40 Yuan / A job

Boss table

60 Yuan / Generic classifier

Conference table

60-200 Yuan / Generic classifier

Shelf or other special demolition group fee is negotiable.

Air conditioning entry fee

Air conditioning type

Split single

Solid Pack

Disassembly and Assembly

Wall-mounted machine

80 Yuan

80 Yuan

120 Yuan

2 Horse hook / Cabinet

100 Yuan

100 Yuan

180 Yuan

3 Horse Cabinet

100 Yuan

120 Yuan

200 Yuan

5 Horse Cabinet

160 Yuan

160 Yuan

300 Yuan

Additional charge


No elevator on each, next to a floor charge 10 -25 According to, depending on the size of vehicle; from the seventh layer each layer added 20 RMB, with elevator in accordance with2 A calculation of floors.

Multiple handling fees

In the course of handling each additional loading (discharging) plus100 (Limited 5 Kilometers).

Extra fee

Handling start to carry landing points outside 5 Miles away, another subject to moving km charge (limited 5 Miles free) Super 1 Km charge 5 Yuan.

Porter fee

Start price:60.00 (Including3 Hour) Each Super1 Hours on30 Yuan/ Man plus (Professional installation artist, engineer, except for the device debugging and so on).

Long distance charges

Loading and unloading points docked when the vehicle is not in place, the manual handling of more than10 Meter, Super 1 Mega collection5 Yuan.

Delay time

Caused by customer operations unit in place cannot be delayed after working hours, per hour plus 100 Yuan.

Empty default fee

Vehicle in place, the customer cancel a car idle running on each train 200 Yuan.

Sooner or later, overtime

At night 18 00- The next day 6 00 During handling, bpv-plus 100 Yuan.

Timing services

Family move or company workers handling only when the vehicle is not needed. No furniture, electrical appliances, according to the base price 300 , Then + Additional charge (such as floors, ultra distance fee), furniture, electrical appliances, according to the base price 500 , Then + Additional charge (such as floors, furniture dismantles group fee). Shanghai International moving need manual door packing, packaging, furniture, 40 Yuan / People / The hour.

Long distance cartage

Extra km

5 Yuan/ Here kilometres

Note: Shanghai rainy, for customers to consider providing van Gong Xing moved. Advantages of vans is the wind and the rain can carry more load and road safety and security, except in special circumstances would use the convertible.