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Now more and more people can not live without electrical appliances, in the shadow of all the appliances, their number increasing, large-scale refrigerator, refrigerator moving companies in Beijing are also a big problem in some recommendations for you:
Refrigerator box should not exceed the maximum tilt angle 45 degrees, but not upside down or level, or the refrigerant in the compressor refrigerating effect, but also makes the spring compressor.
2, during transportation, to prevent collisions and vibrations to prevent rainwater.
3, fridge should be placed away from heat sources, do not direct sunlight, because the work needed for heat exchange with the outside world, through the condenser heat dissipation to the outside world, external environment at a higher temperature, heat more slowly will make the refrigerator work long hours, increased power consumption, poor cooling effect.
4, fridge should be placed in a place with low humidity, since the refrigerator, condenser and compressor are metal, if the air humidity is too large, will make these parts rust, shortening the life of the refrigerator. While wet to overheat, resulting in cooler surface to condense, and electrical properties.
5, fridge should be placed in a well ventilated area, if cluttered refrigerator around or too close to a wall, is not conducive to heat cooling effect. The height of the top surface of the refrigerator should be at least 30 cm space back, and at least 10 cm of space on both sides, in order to facilitate heat dissipation.
6, fridge should be placed on a flat, solid ground, the refrigerator is level. It is able to keep the compressor running smoothly, reducing noise and vibration.
7, and refrigerators should not be put at a low temperature. Because the temperature is too low, difficulty in starting the compressor, freezer freezer cooling difference when the ambient temperature is too low, you can open the refrigerator temperature compensated switches.
8 top of the refrigerator, do not place heavy objects, in case the door switch fridge top tribe, causing home damage.
9, special attention after the refrigerator when in place, it should be within 2 hours, and then electricity.
Coup d ' ├ętat to move to worry about, I'm sure you read the above article refrigerator will not make the same fear. Electric transit time has been moved to the main question, the refrigerator is not easy to solve, it is recommended that you select a moving company moving.