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Moving stories contain many sour, of course, happy, a little moving story reflects not only moving those events, social attitudes are embedded in it. It introduces you to a friend in Hangzhou, a moving story:
Hangzhou one moving company moving customers from our customers in Hangzhou to move, only at home, but also with the moving company moving in Hangzhou, two cars, three air conditioners, which sent me in the morning and 5 before colleagues move, owner of air conditioning.
We 7 a, we came to has a customer of home, we called he found downstairs was of goods, he said only he a a people, called we upstairs of moved, and I see of things (this is not accept of, if encountered some bad of moved company not know has how many, we put all of things) of things, because car loaded has, need was in side support see things, didn't approach, we only a to help see.
When we first moved to Beijing when, in new home here, we have this obligation, no one ordered, where we don't know! Tip: when moving more than a few friends of funds, but it's hard to do, get to normal moving company in Hangzhou also said, if you want to find a moving company in good faith do not know how much!
Funded obligations: the man upstairs telling us what is going to move, one must go downstairs to move objects, do not let the loss of the goods! It is best to have three people helping, metaphors in the elevator! As the customer is too careless, but not everyone has such good quality!