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City Planning Bureau of the Agency staff, have strict requirements in the fire protection design of tall buildings, elevators and fire, fire shutter doors can be designed, can also indirectly home doors, fire doors, high-level requirements. Design fire elevator, fire-fighting and rescue fire elevator firefighter elevators, Shanghai moving company is very helpful.
In addition, the separation of the high design, escape, fire hydrant systems, sprinkler systems, smoke alarm systems. Design drawings sector needs a consistent plan review Center, there are serious security risks if the design must be new. Move Shanghai, Shanghai moving company phone waiting for customers, Shanghai lift move Shanghai factory relocation, the best moving companies in Shanghai, Shanghai moving company, limited liability company Shanghai moved elite preferred, contact attempts.
It is understood that while there is no hard and fast rules, but the heart of high-rise buildings in the creation of both energy conservation and environmental protection. Planning Department is also dedicated to the promotion of self thermal insulation wall materials, insulating glass, aluminum doors, Windows and other energy-saving materials. Public lighting systems, energy-saving lamps, voice-activated switching is so widely used.