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If you choose a moving company in Shanghai is responsible for your work, then we must consider, disputes with the moving company, signed an agreement of moving services is a good choice. Of course, many of us are in the contract is not exhaustive, so here are some notes:
Unloading the goods. Number and size of 1 transportation articles. 2 expensive items or special large furniture, and the size and weight. 3 overweight item number. 4 special handling. Whether or not to refuse. If you need help, packages or cartons provide removal of the goods. Window type air conditioner with disassembly and assembly instructions. Window type air conditioner dismantling shelves, shelf does not include installation and sealing of pipes and special structure of the housing (if air conditioning is installed in the wall or special circumstances), so air conditioning increased risk of disassembly and shelves, many people will be assessed. Terrain. 1 there is no elevator, lift can accommodate large pieces of furniture. 2 double lifts and steps taken. 3 is there a special terrain (ladder, slope, slope). 4 carry distances across the city and County of explained. 5 Lou costs: the case of the lift, projects cannot use the elevator to carry and use the stairs. Modes of communication. Considering moving house and moving into the tunnel, underground car park entrance size height problem, the moving company is to identify in advance the size of the car. Note: the old, the size of the new Office. If moving trucks had to enter the underground car park, and then note the height and width of the road parking. Respectively on the new and old office phone number and the number of vehicles and other projects. Compensation for damage. Principle is what damage claims, whether restrictions should be requested before signing the survey clearly. Insurance. Valuables, consider purchasing insurance to increase security.
Tip: this agreement is the most reliable security protect your legal rights, you select a moving company in Shanghai telephone communications must be consensus and related matters, promotion of the rights and obligations between the parties.