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Gong Xing moving company presents "life is limited, service unlimited" slogan, a great choice for each Shanghai citizens move freight. Customer first, service first "is moving to Shanghai every move new and old customer commitment:
Gong Xing moving company the four pledges:
First, credit, contract, strict implementation of the handling time of a prior appointment, ensure that customers are satisfied with handling time, if there are special circumstances, cannot arrive, inform the customer in advance.
Second, the "survive on quality, service and development. Shanghai gongxing moving company customers kindly, language, civilization, not customers to drink wine, not customers eating the food, not customers smoke, do not charge customers, customer service satisfaction guarantee.
Moved three, Shanghai gongxing is responsible for moving goods in custody, security moving and transportation in a timely manner, in case of rain and snow protection measures should be decisive, so as not to cause damage to ensure customer safety.
Four, Shanghai gongxing moving companies to charge customers standard, strict enforcement of uniform fees on prices, no fees guarantee reasonable prices.