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Advance preparations for moving companies in the process of moving, the best cooperation between more than 2 people. Home help service to be moved, the other focusing on furniture in the car. When the vehicle reached the new home, but also assist in loading and unloading in the car, another man at the House told staff how to position it.
Reserve new and old moving parking location. If a construction manager prophets voice to deal with.
If you see the correct home Feng Shui, reconfirmed the moving company.
Heating (such as TV, water heater), compressor (such as air conditioner, dehumidifier) appliance, do not use the moving day, to avoid damage on the one hand, on the other hand, avoiding harm to service personnel.
Rubbish, waste removal provides relocation services and new contact (such as building managers, or moving the phone) when moving attention to the empty to confirm: before and after the uninstall you should check whether the vehicle was empty.
Note that compliance with the agreed loading height.
Again before you confirm the contents of the contract, anything to avoid moving company, lead to disputes.
Remind moving service, goods are fragile or valuable items.
New homes will be used for the first time: the cleaning tools, toiletries, the next job, school supplies and other items can be finally on the train, get off first, the rest of the new.
Water, electricity, gas close to home, after confirmation of water, electricity, gas can be used.
Considerations after moving the refrigerator (air conditioner, dehumidifier) processing location, preferably 2 hours and then plug in the power, so as to protect the life of the compressor. Because it moves, cool coal-rusty water, and deposited by rust water prior to surgery, or when the rust water through high and low pressure valves of the compressor.
Figure 1-2 weeks to sort things out, the original arrangement, such as unpacking, sorting order. Collated by vacations the whole family.
Visit the next-door neighbors of the House as soon as possible, establish a new neighborhood.
Select the movement of the point in time:
Avoid traffic moving.
Most of us don't work on Sundays, the smooth flow of traffic, suitable for moving, but to note whether the encounter weeks rest, moving company.
If conditions allow, you can choose before the dawn (7:00) time to move, and smooth traffic, like the time vehicle moving company.
If the selected moving date, please ensure that the moving company moving time, avoiding full.