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The old saying goes, no advance preparation, slow summer, hot weather, often in public moving company moved contrary to expectations, gives you some tips below, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, I want you to: principles of selecting moving companies to select a product, goods than the three against. Choice of several (at least 2) Shanghai moving company, request a quote without any responsibility of the condition, before choosing any company, should pay attention to the company's reputation, reputation, performance record, taste of customer response and cable services. Normal moving companies have their own brand, website, in modern times, before selecting a company better access to the website, the company has a general understanding. When the summer house, there is a problem, is cargo vehicles will be able to enter your current address complete day moving tasks, the issue has been a wonderful day, otherwise, you cannot move the company, anything is possible with some delay to the evening. Customers want to save time moving, is full of preparations for the first time, all scattered things Beijing, move to chest, gathered into a whole, natural walk faster. Second, you can ask the moving company to some additional, more natural speed. Finally, arrange the time and travel, traffic jams and traffic routes missing the peak. There are several factors that may lead to increased running costs, including transportation or delay surcharge. In order to avoid cumbersome moving with great fanfare through that sold all the old furniture and unnecessary supplies, buying a new home furnishings. While practices in some luxury, but will give you a new feeling. Before you can have all the packing supplies you can use cardboard boxes, can also be used for bags, but if you put things in cabinets, Cabinet locks, you estimate that may fall apart in the locker room during the moving process. Hoping to find work, students face great pressure these tips will give you move, the company has been a big help in Beijing. Summer action carefully, ready to not only happen, but what is a heat stroke, hoped that getting ready for a move, don't move cacophony of things, happiness.