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Saying, people not blame ceremony Shang, Chinese about courtesy, friends more of Exchange will continues to strengthening each other Zhijian of feelings, friends find public XING moved of time to prepared some gift is necessary of, in this aspects to you some recommends, content following: in here has some common of gift: day sent flowers, flowers can put in living room or table, anyone are cannot refused to of scene. * Carry one or two bottles of wine or a bottle of champagne * any food will be by God's love, especially frozen foods, cooked ham, chicken, roast beef, cakes, fruit, * CD, DVD disc, according to friends or family members, the quiet, the classic choice. * Cloth * large kitchen accessories, plus the owner's name, table cloths are surrounded by the warmth of the Carnival theme corner pattern. * At home can smell things like room sprays, flowers, Cologne * beautiful stationery, such as pen, pad, pen holder. Second, mature adult, cute kids. Grasp the gift of children, sometimes a happy family is their baby, Oh * other hand-me-down: knives, candles, entrance mats, Garden tool, scissors, umbrella stands, picnic equipment, a teacup, doorbell, bathroom supplies, pillows, cookbooks or for their interior decoration magazine subscriptions. Above is a relatively simple proposal, may not be suitable for your situation, you should use, here are some ideas for you, and Gong XING moved hope you move.