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This is something of a waste of human and material resources, if you are a delegate Beijing moving company handles, also want to spend some money, so while driving in a variety of ways to save time and, of course, must learn to save money, here to introduce you to some moving saves: (1) when you move? Save time moving, first prepare the work, all the bits and pieces into a box or bag, collecting parts to form a whole. Second, you can list of moving companies to send more. Finally, arrange your time and schedule, avoiding the rush and traffic routes. How to impress a peace of mind? Made a spectacular move to avoid trouble, the best method is to put all the old furniture and unnecessary supplies, buying a new home furnishings. While this extravagant, but it will give you a new feeling. (3) need to move? Some families for some reason need to move frequently. The family, it is best to avoid buying pieces of furniture, but try to use the device. Moving cartons is better not throw for the next use. Best not to keep some service, such as a newspaper, milk, and other services, so you can avoid a lot of trouble. (4) how to avoid a collision? Must to moved company personnel specified of box or items belongs to focus protection, may in box Shang striking of identifies or tips; some easy broken goods or precious items, better to processing; personally supervision large household appliances for; some heavy or large of furniture (as cabinet, piano) should more find several workers processing and someone, in Xia command; vulnerable or fear of pressure of items should put in top Department, first times loaded, uninstall; some old floor corridor compared narrow, often mess of, carefully don't touch I of things.