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But also as a major promoter of professional skills is important. This is quality. When hiring a new employee in the company of Beijing, to look at each other any adverse record, especially not little habits. There was a man I do not take some irregular movers who, according to the experience of these workers moved more or less have some bad habits.
I always say I want virtue in everyday life, if workers in the moving industry is money, no matter what the result of practices must be customers suffered huge losses, the company credibility, movers were jailed. I say a bit important in Beijing out of the market, something not normal moving company workers and keep the initiative, named the most profitable, while adding money for various reasons, this is partly true, but more workers and individual action.
It and corporate governance matter? Credit is the establishment of mutual trust established during this process or take a very long time, and only measure of quality workers. A company's image, in the eyes of customers see is reflected in the daily work of the workers, and workers to better reflect customer impression is good, or bad.
Moving company employee quality indirectly related to the company's future development. Lax management, worker, only focus on the economic benefits of moving company customers can be a nightmare.