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Meet the requirements of the Feng Shui is not much. Protection in some places, sand, but not water; some places have long bound water, no sand. Feng Shui, is geographically, some can be artificial, artificial remedies, as follows:
First, open channel flow:
Or make a pond of water. Dry relief back to the mainline, left and right protective sand, Ming Tang before. Sand retaining possession for a long time, the wind, the Ming pond water, which became, in a village near the River, and if so, transformation and utilization of the Canal diversion methods. O stream should be established, forward-Kan BA stay focus and, "water attacks city", rivers, protection rings. However, stream, this method will not work. Therefore, according to the "study nature, nature, nature, nature" four principles to make any adjustments.
2, Pei-long sand:
Long, flat, sand hills, high fill cushions can be hand-picked, planting trees to increase height, in order to achieve security, adjust the temperature and humidity and cooling purposes.